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X-CON Incorporated


Our Mission

X-CON’s Mission is to create safer communities, stronger families, better local economies, and a more informed society. We seek to accomplish this by reducing recidivism and generational incarceration in America through entrepreneurial training, prosocial education, creative development, and economic opportunity. We work with prisoner artists/creators and their families to develop their talents and teach them life and entrepreneurial skills through in-person meetings and our correspondence course program. We help prisoners market their creations to earn money for release, to help support their families, and learn self-reliance. Finally, we seek to educate the public on criminal justice issues and the causes of recidivism and generational incarceration.

Our Philosophy at X-CON is that through accountability, personal responsibility, hard work, education, and opportunity, people can overcome and accomplish anything, even Prisoners. Convicts and Prisoners can use their creative talents to be restored to our communities and achieve success, never again becoming a recidivism statistic. We believe that through intervention, encouragement, direction and direct support, those impacted by incarceration can be elevated and stabilized in their communities and find success in spite of their circumstances and past mistakes. In addition, our outreach to Children of Incarcerated Parents, mentorship and support, can reduce their likelihood of following their parents into the system. Finally, we feel that by involving and educating the public through the many creative arts, and providing them with our products and services, we can fulfill our Mission, meet our organizational goals, provide jobs and make money while strengthening our communities and reducing recidivism.


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My Name is Rick,
I'm an X-Convict

X-CON Incorporated stands for

X-Convicts Creators Opportunity Network

I began my criminal career at an early age right after I started smoking cigarettes and marijuana at the age of 9 or 10. I was kicked out of the house at 13, and was on the streets for a couple years living with prostitutes and drug dealers.